Sunday, April 29, 2012

My current fitness status & lifestyle habits

Let me introduce myself, my name is Kevin, the founder of this blog site, kevstylelinking, it makes sense kevstylelinking whereby kev is my name, style is about lifestyle and linking is link to many categories such as fitness, meals plan, beauty and more. 
My current weight is around 130 kg, that was around 2 weeks back I took my weight. My height is 178 cm.  As for my house family situation, we don't eat home cook food often, usually I will buy my meals outside, therefore there's not really many options for me to choose what I want to eat.
My meals are huge, as what I mean are I don't eat normal portions of food, I will always add more to maximize my food intake for each meal just to satisfy myself and prevent me to go hungry. Sometimes I ate 3 to 5 times per day, and each portions are huge. I like fast food & pizzas too. Aside from that, I also like drinking beverages like milk, tea, coffee, sodas, one thing consider good is I don't drink alcoholic drink for example like beers often, only in very rare occasion.
About exercise & workout, I did none of them, my more frequent habits are lying down on my bed most of the time using my computer. I almost stay in my bed 70% of my time throughout the day. I don't walk around a lot except going to the toilet, bath or going out to meet someone or going out to buy lunch.
I do realize that things cannot continue like this or else, very soon, I will have serious health problem, that is why, I really need & WANT to change my life by changing my lifestyle. I will use this site to keep track of my progress & also share with people

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